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Perception is Reality

I used to believe in absolutes;  absolute truth, absolute beauty, absolute love.  But I have come to realize that each person has their own version of such things, and that each version differs immensely. Two people can view the same … Continue reading

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Hobby Lobby and Mythology

In a 5-4 ruling, our Supreme Court held that privately owned Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc could dictate how women receive healthcare, based solely on the religious beliefs of the company’s owner, David Green.  As always, it was a party line … Continue reading

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Hobby Lobby and Religious Freedom

Hobby Lobby Stores, Incorporated, is a privately owned chain of arts and crafts stores that is considered a leader in the industry.  President Steve Green presides over an empire that includes 609 stores and employees over 16,000 people, and he … Continue reading

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Small Minded Folk

Here’s a good reason to keep God out of politics. Susan Atanus recently won the Republican primary in Chicago’s 9th Congressional District, and will challenge incumbent Democrat Jan Schakowsky for a seat in the House of Representatives.  This despite the … Continue reading

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Buddha by Karen Armstrong

This is a book each and every American should read. The Buddha was born Siddhatta Gotama somewhere between 550-450 B.C, according to the Pali Canon, a group of scriptures first put into writing around 29 B.C, which themselves were based … Continue reading

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A Warped and Sordid Trip

I often envy the Hermit his solitude. This is a crazy world we live in, isn’t it?  We fear that a country like Iran may try to build a nuclear weapon, yet it has been estimated that we have 700,000 … Continue reading

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America in the Middle East

It appears that the military coup in Egypt is getting downright ugly.  Now that they have smashed the Muslim Brotherhood – no big loss, as the Brotherhood’s main goal was the implementation of Sharia law – they are now going … Continue reading

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A Lack of Tolerance

I was watching a show on C-Span earlier, something called the Western Conservative Summit, and I caught a speech by one Bill Armstrong, currently the President of Colorado Christian University.  What piqued my interest most was the way he was … Continue reading

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Abortion and the Texas Taliban

Hypocrisy lives on in Texas. Yesterday, in yet another special session called by Gov. Rick Perry, Texas Republicans were able to pass a provisional bill restricting abortions in their rather backwards state by a nearly party line vote of 98-47. … Continue reading

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Egypt and Democracy

“Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms of government that have been tried from time to time.” Winston Churchill Here in America we like to defend democracy as the be all, end all.  No … Continue reading

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