Why Republicans Hate Bill Clinton

I was reading an article from Yahoo today about the death of Eleanor Mondale, daughter of ex-Vice President Walter Mondale, and in the comments section underneath the piece I saw two entries that irked me.  The first one said that even though Eleanor Mondale was a Democrat, it’s a shame she had to die.  Now isn’t that a sweet sentiment?  Excuse me while I wipe away a few tears.  The second comment, for some reason, brought up former President Clinton, and the fact that the republican led House of Representatives voted to impeach him in 1998.  What that had to do with Eleanor Mondale escapes me, but it made me wonder . . . why do republicans still hate Bill Clinton?

Clinton has been out of office since January of 2001, yet he is held in utter contempt by republicans.  It can’t be based on his job performance, because during the Clinton Presidency America enjoyed the longest economic expansion in history.  In his first two years in office six million new jobs were created (that’s an average of 250,000 jobs per month.)  He cut taxes on 15,000,000 low-income families, and gave tax breaks to 90% of small businesses, while raising taxes on the wealthiest 1.2 % of Americans (in direct contrast to what republicans are trying to do today.)  Obviously this approach worked, as Clinton took the largest budget deficit in history up to that time, $290 billion in 1993, courtesy of George H. W. Bush, and turned it into the largest budget surplus in history, $237 billion in 2000.  He also reduced the national debt, so recently in the news, by $363 billion between 1998-2000.  And he did this while being hounded by the republicans for extra-marital affairs  that were none of their business in the first place.  The impeachment proceedings mentioned above were directly related to those affairs.

Now lets look at the Presidency of Clinton’s successor, George W. Bush, son of George H.W. Bush.  George W. had a rather difficult time as President, starting with the attacks on September 11, 2001.  Many republicans still blame Clinton for those attacks, but it was George W. who was in office.  Because of those attacks, George W. invaded two countries, neither of which actually had anything to do with 9/11.  Sadly, this led to the death of over six thousand Americans, double the number of people lost on 9/11.  And we are still mired in both places.  George W. also presided over the largest hike in the national debt up to that time, dwarfing those of even his record-setting father, raising the debt from $5.7 trillion to $10.7 trillion during his tenure.  And lets not forget that George W. ruled over the second worst financial collapse in our history, and avoided an actual depression only by bailing out our financial industry to the tune of $700 billion.  This was all done while lowering taxes on the wealthiest members of society, the very opposite of Clinton’s approach, and watching while we had a record number of corporate scandals and bankruptcies.  We are still reeling from his economic policies, yet republicans to a man will claim that he was a better president than Clinton.

My own opinion is that republicans hate Clinton because he was such a success as President, and his policies were polar opposites to what the republicans are preaching today.  Republicans are fighting to keep taxes on the rich as low as possible, in the insane belief that it spurs economic growth, when we have had these same policies in place for the last ten years, and seen no economic growth.  In fact, we have seen the exact opposite.  I think it was Einstein who said that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insanity.  I know I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea.


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9 Responses to Why Republicans Hate Bill Clinton

  1. Veronique says:

    What an awful comment about Elenor Mondale-where does Yahoo get its articles?! have you considered that Clinton could not have passed the bills that made his successes possible without the Republican Congress that was in place at the time? Just a thought-politics is not my forte…

    • breezespeaks says:

      It was a comment about Eleanor Mondale that appeared under the article, in the comment section. The article itself was fine.
      The fact Clinton had a republican congress reinforces my point. He was able to work with that congress and still get his legislation passed, yet they revile him to this day. When they tried to fight him in 1994 and shut the government down, it cost Newt Gingrich his job. Clinton was a moderate democrat who reformed welfare while expanding the Pell Grant program, who taxed the rich while still fostering a positive business climate. Maybe the republicans are mad because they did cooperate with him, but you can’t deny his success . . . especially when compared to George W. Bush, who had a republican congress for his first six years in office. ( He didn’t veto one thing in that time.) But politics being politics, well . . . it seems the republicans want the democrats to fail no matter the cost.

    • Fred says:

      Clinton had a Democratic congress his first two years. The republicans did not take control until Jan 1995. You need to learn your history. But no matter what you think you are always right.

      • breezespeaks says:

        You are right, Clinton did have a Democratic congress, but I never said he didn’t. When the Republicans swept in on Newt’s Contract with America in 1994, and took control in Jan 1995, they shut down congress the following summer. So I was off by a year, my bad. The gist of what I wrote is still true; it cost Newt his job. And then congress did end up working with Clinton, as they wanted much stricter welfare reform, but ended up passing Clintons less draconian bill. And why do you say I think I’m always right? I just admitted I was off by a year. Can it be that you are a conservative and think liberals are fools? But thanks for commenting, as all opinions are welcome. Breeze.
        PS Have we crossed paths before?

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  3. Politics is so insane. Don’t forget Newt’s position on the Clinton discretion while bedding his own. It is just a game to so many and if you are one team you must trash the other. Why can’t Democrats say Reagan did a pretty good job, Clinton did a good Job between the bushes and the jury is still out on Obama but he is sure a lot less scary than Mitt. It is time to address the real problems together and offer some basic human rights such as a decent medical system, a good tax program in which the rich participate and some rules in the financial sector where billions are being stolen and no one is going to jail.

    • breezespeaks says:

      Wow, you must be an Independent. Although I disagree with Reagan – his supply side economics have been a major drain on our economy, exacerbated by George the Younger – and his deregulations led directly to the 1987 crash and the S&L scandals, he did create some jobs. Clinton presided over a thriving economy, but then he let Glass-Steagel be erased, which helped lead to the 2008 Recession/Depression. Bush was simply a puppet of Chaney and friends. We do need a revamped healthcare system, tax system and financial system. TARP was welfare for the rich. The fact these bastards are still free is a crying shame. And the thievery goes on.
      You have the right attitude, maybe you should run for office. I’d vote for you. (I’m also Independent.)
      Thanks, Breeze

      • Three of my four Grand Parents were born in the US in the 1800’s but unfortunately neither my mother or father were so I am not only independent I don’t live in the US and I am not American… so thanks for the vote but I don’t qualify.

        I have great faith in America’s ability to rise above these problems once everyone realizes there are problems and begin to focus on resolving them instead of bashing each other. By the way I dropped over a half a million dollars in the Reno Trauma Unit and while the medical care was second to none if I had not take out insurance before riding into the US it would have broke me. At home we love to complain about our system but it works well and will never break anyone as it is free. I think some things should be controlled by the government like basic protection: fire, police, armed forces, post office, government office, and basic medicare. Sorry if you want your tummy tucked your boobs increased, you should pay.

        Keep up the good work the country needs more level headed people who can intelligently debate the issues without stooping to simple name calling.

      • breezespeaks says:

        I should have realized that your voice of sanity was not American. The infighting here is atrocious. There is no middle ground. The mindset is if you’re not for us, you’re against us. It really is disheartening. But thanks for the compliment, sometimes I feel really alone over here. I hope things will work out.

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