Kim Kardashian and Other Garbage

I know I should not give Kim Kardashian any more attention than she already gets, but I can’t resist.  Did you see the quote where Kim said she thought marriage was forever?  I don’t know which pool she was in, but I don’t think many went past six months.  Besides Kim, I don’t know anyone in America who gave this marriage a chance.  Even Kim’s brain-dead sisters knew better.

By the way, the fact these three bimbos are famous is a definite sign of an impending apocalypse.

Herman Cain has now been accused of sexual misconduct.  It has been said that he paid two different women six figure sums to make the charges go away back when he headed the restaurant lobby.  The GOP stalwarts are claiming, “Hey, if Clinton can do it, what’s the problem.”  But didn’t Clinton get brought up on impeachment charges by those same Republicans?  If it’s not a problem, why did they try to kick him from office?  And why did they spend 60 million investigating the charges in the first place?  Can you say double standard.

(I love paraphrasing Mr. Rogers.  I’m starting to think we live in the land of make-believe.)

Personally, I don’t care what Cain has done, I hope he doesn’t become president because his ideas are farcical.  The real race is between Perry and Romney.  Cain is a flash in the pan.

And finally, Tony LaRussa, the manager of the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals, has announced his retirement.  What’s that?  You didn’t know the Cards had won the World Series?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Hell, I like baseball and I didn’t watch it.  Plus, I don’t like LaRussa.  He’s an old man but doesn’t have a fleck of gray in his hair.  And he doesn’t like to admit mistakes.  He is often regarded as some sort of baseball genius, but  the fact that Mark McGwire played with him for over a decade while using steroids escaped his attention.  I call this selective blindness, and it is related to selective hearing, an affliction my twins possess.  And, to top it off, the Cards beat my beloved Phillies to knock them out of the play-offs, a major black mark.  I shall not miss LaRussa.

Halloween was last night, and I took Cait out around the neighborhood.  Will decided he didn’t want to go, and resisted peer pressure to change his mind.  He’s different, but in a good way.  Not as many people were trick or treating, or giving out candy.  Cait got only half of her usual haul.  The weather also played a part in this decline, as many towns cancelled Halloween outright, rescheduling it for this weekend.  But the kids didn’t care if there was snow on the ground, and would not be denied.  After all, candy was involved.

I hope you had a good Halloween.




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