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Mr. Mom’s Pot Luck

I was going to grill up some boneless chicken thighs tonight, and serve it with refried beans and rice, but Kathy and Cait got tied up – no, not literally, though the thought has crossed my mind where Cait is … Continue reading

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Mr. Mom Prepares for the Worst

Here it is, 5:40AM, and we have about three inches of fresh snow on the ground, on top of the six inches we received Monday.  I foresee more shoveling in my future.  Plus, they are predicting a Nor’Easter on Sunday. … Continue reading

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The Appendectomy

Cait’s stomach pains began in earnest right after supper, when she turned down her dessert of ice cream and cake.  Now, she’s a smart kid, and I thought maybe she was laying the ground work for a possible day off … Continue reading

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Mr. Mom’s Busy Day

Nov. 2, 2013 4:53 AM I’m up so early because I passed out before 8:00 PM last night.  I did wake up at one point, as I remember talking to Kathy, but quickly fell back to sleep. I was tired … Continue reading

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How Mr. Mom Cooks Dinner

Today we will make Pollock stuffed with crab, with steamed broccoli and yellow rice. First, start with a good wine.  I highly recommend Barefoot Pinot Noir, an inexpensive yet tasty wine.  Only cook with wine you would normally drink.  Uncork … Continue reading

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Mr. Mom and a Crock Pot

Who would have thought that, here in my old age, the only pot I have at my disposal is a crock pot?  My how times have changed. I just started supper and here it is only 9:30am.  I put a … Continue reading

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Mr. Mom Breaks His Silence

Yesterday I made mention of some friends I have made while writing this blog, and I failed to mention one Mike Calyn, who was instrumental in the formation of the visual aspects of breezespeaks.  Not only did he send me … Continue reading

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Mr. Mom’s Quiet Time

There is nothing like a Sunday morning to bring out the best in me.  You see, I like to do nothing, and Sunday morning is the best time to do it. My little angels are still asleep . . . … Continue reading

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Mr. Mom and Summertime

As I took Will and Cait to the bus this morning I noted that they had exactly one month left of school.  This made them very happy.  Me, not so much.  Then, I looked in my rear view mirror and … Continue reading

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Mr. Mom’s Early Morning Meanderings

Why is it that gun nuts fear a national registry? We regulate everything in this country.  We register our cars, license our dogs, regulate our hunting and fishing, and even require our security guards to get a guard card.  Really?  … Continue reading

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